Why dance?

I’ve wanted to start this blog for years. Just like I wanted to start learning to dance for years. From first thoughts to first steps, the latter took seven years. This has taken just the four. Not bad for this self-confessed procrastinator of epic proportions.

As a health journalist, I first wrote about my passion for dance back in 2013 on the super fab-u-lous healthista.com. Called The Strictly diaries, I waxed lyrical about my passion for all things Strictly and how that inspired me to learn to dance; my health condition, cystic fibrosis, and how dance, plus a shedload of drugs, keeps my rubbish lung function stable, and the benefits of dance on my mental and physical health – “great pins” said one friend after watching me dance. I’ve hung onto that compliment ever since!

I’ve now been having Latin and ballroom dancing lessons with my husband, Gav, for eight years, courtesy of Apton Dance Studio. Without doubt, it’s one of the best decisions we ever made.

I can definitely spell botafogo better than I can dance the
step, hence why I’m turning my (hopefully not spatulistic) hand
to writing about dance, in all its beautiful forms.

DSI London pic 1
Lucky enough to don a DSI London dress for a photo shoot –
this one worn by Jerry Hall on Strictly

My friends know not to call me between 7.45pm and 9pm on a Thursday night. It’s sacrosanct time. That’s when I walk into a dusty school hall, relax, smile, laugh, often tread on Gav’s toes, but, without fail, enjoy the most entertaining 75 minutes of my week.

Waltzing Lyrical will regale you with tales from my dancing life, discuss dance and its effects on our physical and mental health, reveal fantastic new dance classes and trends hitting the scene, interview dancers, review dance shows and, maybe, just maybe, chat about that sparkly, glitter-ball-tastic show back on our screens on Saturday night. Watch this space…WLicon